"Most friendly and helpful office we have ever dealt with....highly recommend to anyone for all insurance needs! "

James, Little Rock, AR

"Bo is literally a life saver! I have had some pretty terrible luck with State Farm insurance and was able to switch policies with a better rate all while on my lunch break! He even provided me with his personal number to ensure I could be taken care of after his office closed early on a Friday. I had emails with my information immediately! I had been with State Farm since 2014 and never received half of the amount of kindness or professionalism. My entire family will soon be using Jeff and Bo!! "

Tara Martinez

"I have had the pleasure of being a client of this agency for more than 17 years! The agents here have always been helpful and have found insurance at the lowest rate to fit my needs. They have become like family!!!"

Cass Haden

"Hey Mr. Bo this is Matt the guy you got insurance for me to start my business and the car insurance for the work truck I just wanted to take a look at your website trying to get some marketing ideas for my business I know you spent quite a bit of time with me one-on-one even after we had took care of all our dealings with the insurance and gave me a lot of great advice and I do appreciate that and I took every bit of it what you said and I'm going to try to put everything you said to good use but the reason I'm leaving a review right now is because I just noticed that someone posted on your reviews that somebody needs to do their self a favor and not do business with your company and I just want to tell that person that I don't know what happened between them and you but I know for one thing that Bo Wilson is probably one of the best people I have met and by you leaving that review telling people not to deal with him you might be taking a blessing away from them you might be steering them away from somebody that could( (actually the word I should say is Would and will be doing a lot of good for them! So whatever personal reasons you left that message or review that was really selfish of you and you should be ashamed of yourself because I know for a fact there was something wrong with that review whoever wrote that wrote that out of anger that had nothing to do with that company not believe that with all my heart that was malice and not honest assessment oboe or his partner! ...since I've started my business this year Bo went out of his way to help me a person with terrible credit get affordable auto insurance for me and my family my three kids business insurance and worked hard hard to find a company that would insure me for that least amount and with the most coverage and it was obvious that he had really took time on this when I got in his office and I seen all the stuff that he had been going through looking through and all the information he gave me about this company in that company and why he thought the company that we did go through with was the company to use that Wilson is a good man and I'm not going to lie I took a little bit of a fence when I seen someone say something like that about bow because Bo is a type of guy that when you get around him you just want to stick around him and you want to talk all day because his Bob and his attitude his energy hey some it is some good stuff the top of stuff people who want to be successful or trying to hang around because man I admire and I hope to one day be as successful as him so anyway thank you Bo I appreciate you man we appreciate you and thank you for all the extra time you spent with us especially with me not knowing a lot about when it comes to advertising and starting my business man you took a lot of time talk to me and I know you had a lot going on and you had a lot of work you needed to do but you you put that on hold and you and you didn't answer the phone and asked if you could call people back and potentially could have lost money to help me out just to give me some information and that shows what kind of character you are I will say the other day when I seen you you are the one of the better people I had seen for the day and you're actually one of the only people I was giving money to for that day LOL so if that says anything at all but anyway I just wanted to get on here and and and tell you thank you thank you Mr. Bo we appreciate you and God bless you and I hope one day I can return the favor sorry if this is hard to read."

Sandra Azua

Great customer service, friendly and very knowledgeable about insurance. Bo not only found me a better rate he also educated me on what I needed. 5 stars all the way

Taylor Fagan

Very nice people.. Very helpful. Lower rates than most, if not all.

Bob Duncan

Nice people

Paula Richardson